Donation for Blood Infection which Billings Family Seeks

BILLINGS — On Sunday afternoon, downtown Billings was bustling with people who came together to
commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. Billings family seeks blood donation for infection in order to save her child.

Floats filled the streets, but the final float in the parade had a special purpose: to celebrate and raise awareness for one of the youngest children bravely fighting a serious illness. The Billings family held a sign that read, “Aaniyah and her big fight to live.”

Amanda Boyer was seen walking at the end of the parade with her family, dedicated to a mission of saving a life. They were walking, dancing, and praying for her 20-month-old granddaughter, Aaniyah Raeleah Georgie Busch.

“Her Lakota name is Little Hummingbird Girl,” Boyer told on Sunday. “Aaniyah is currently in the ICU, struggling for her life.”

What initially appeared as a swollen arm soon evolved into a life-threatening ordeal. Doctors diagnosed her with a blood infection that had extended to her lungs, yet the origin remains elusive. She was airlifted to Denver two weeks ago for urgent medical care.

“According to Denver, she’s the youngest case they’ve seen with this blood infection,” Boyer explained. “It’s necrotizing vasculitis. They’re unsure how it entered her system; she had a skinned knee, but it developed into staph sepsis and has now reached her lung.”

Boyer and her family are rallying support to raise funds for expenses, yet Boyer is familiar with facing and conquering challenges. They need donation for blood infection.

“I’m blessed to belong to such a compassionate community,” she expressed.

In 2021, Boyer graduated from the Yellowstone County Treatment Court after maintaining sobriety and undergoing treatment for several years.

“What I’ve encountered here is a community that uplifts and stands by each other,” Boyer reflected.

She now operates the successful Big Sky Acai food truck, which could be seen closely following her family during the parade.

Boyer extended invitations to other food trucks to join the parade and show support for Aaniyah’s battle for survival.
The Fry Bread House and Alfons Flaming Grill gladly joined them in the procession.

Prior to the festivities on Sunday, Boyer received a phone call from the owner of the Señor Salazar food truck, informing her that numerous food truck owners had united to raise funds for Boyer’s family.

“As a food truck owner, I’m part of the close-knit community here in Billings. I’ve sought help from my fellow food truck owners, and they’ve come alongside us to show the strength of community and unity in supporting my family,” Boyer stated.

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